Management Philosophy

STUDIO ROW is a design studio based in Aoyama, Tokyo, which was established in May 2021.
By combining different things, we discover new value of materials, and as a product that is conceived from space,
we create a design full of originality that is not bound by a specific style or concept.
Each piece is hand-assembled and surface-treated by craftsmen to create a unique atmosphere and accentuate the brand's identity.
As a space creation professional, we produce luxury and high-quality works that are playful while having industrial elements
that can only be created by an interior designer who knows all about various materials such as metal, wood, stone, and glass.

Hiroki Hakamada / Designer
Hiroki Hakamada

Interior designer. Born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1977. He graduated from the design department of Osaka University of Arts in 1999, worked for a design company, and in 2010, an interior design office TOKYO. Established INFIX Co., Ltd. In 2011, the office name was changed to acca inc. He has many project achievements in Japan and overseas, and handles all genres of space from merchandise / restaurants, beauty salons, commercial facilities to offices and homes.
So far, he has received many awards such as iF Design Award Winner (Germany), MUSE Design Award Gold Award (USA), SKY Design Award Shortlist (Canada, Hong Kong, Japan), DNA Paris Design Award Winner (France).